Who makes the Noise

Nasruddin’s wife heard a loud noise in the next room. She went to inspect it, and saw her husband sitting on the floor.

“What was that?” she cried.

“It was just my clothes,” replied Nasruddin. “They fell down.”

“But how could your clothes make such a loud noise?” she asked.

“Because I was in them,” replied Nasruddin. 


Religious leaders and scare mongers have always insisted that your possessions are creating all the noise in your life.  The noise in this story refers to the problems of your life. The clothes represents our possessions.  The clothes are our, we are not the clothes. 

As you can learn from the story these clothes even if they fall do not create any problems.  These possessions are just there to make your life comfortable.

 Then what makes the noise?  The I, the ego that possesses these possessions makes all the noise.  Just having the possessions is not a problem.  Possessing the possessions, however, is a different thing.  This is a psychological thing.  Your possessions are physical, your attachments are psychological. 

This falling and making noise is not a one-time thing.  It has become habitual.  Then the ego itself makes you then put substantial efforts to avoid its own falling.  The ego, the I in you, is not concerned with you!  It is just concerned with its own satisfaction and survival.  See the difference between the two I's in you, the one eternal, real and the other troubled, unreal.

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