No Problems

One day Mulla Nasruddin was throwing stones around his house. 
"Mulla, why are you doing this?" a neighbor asked.
"I want to keep the tigers away."
"But there are no tigers within hundreds of miles." 
"Effective, isn't it?" Mulla replied.


We imagine so many problems, ghosts in the world. In reality there are no tigers around, meaning there are no problems in your life. But we like to imagine that so that we can work on clearing the problems. 

Soren Kierkegaard  has said "Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced."
Kierkegaard was one of the earliest and best existential philosopher west came to know about.  He may not have come in contact with Mulla Nasruddin.  Nasruddin not only says, but shows it.  He shows how foolish it is to imagine problems when there are none.  When there are no problems then there is reality, then there is life.

Our fervent imagining of these lies can sometimes work against us.  We can fool ourselves, we may do a self goal by coming to believe our own lies when others start to believe them.  We may eventually come to believe that there really are tigers around.

Once when Mulla Nasruddin was walking down the village street some urchins began to throw stones at him. He was agitated because he was not a big man from whom these creatures should expect much.  So in order to get rid of them he cooked up something.

He said: “Don’t do that, and I will tell you something of interest to you.”

“All right, what is it? But no philosophy.”

“The Emir is giving a free banquet to all comers.”

The urchins ran off towards the Emir’s house.  Nasruddin had given them his imaginations of delicacies and the delights of the entertainment.

He looked up and saw them disappearing in the distance. Suddenly he tucked up his robes and started to sprint after them. “I should better go and see myself,” he said to himself, “because it might be true after all.”

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