Bookish Knowledge

Mulla Nasruddin was carrying home some liver which he had just bought.  In the other hand he had the recipe for liver pie which a friend had given him. 

Suddenly a vulture swooped down and carried off the liver. 

'You fool' Nasruddin shouted 'the meat is all yours but I still have the recipe for liver pie'.


The knowledge of the book remains in the book. 

If you are not alert your happiness would be snatched away from you.  The vultures are having an oversight view over your happiness from the great heights.

Though they may be soaring so high, their view is very low.  Their view is on material things only.  Their flight is not the real flight.

The meat here refers to the inclination and energy for spiritual progress.  The recipe here refers to the way to channelize that energy, that is the recipe refers to the way to actually use that energy for spiritual progress.  Both are needed. The meat and the recipe.  And only a rare few gets this kind of meat and the recipe also.  But if one is not alert then no one is concerned about the recipe.  No one is going to take away the recipe book.  Nature will conspire to take away the real stuff, not the recipe book.  The nature does not require the books.

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