What do you own

Nasrudin found a valuable ring in the street. He wanted to keep it. But according to law the finder of an object had to go to the market-place and shout the fact three times in a loud voice.

At three o’clock in the morning the Mulla went to the square and shouted thrice: ‘I have found such-and-such a ring.’

By the third shout, people were pouring into the streets.

‘What is it all about, Mulla?’ they asked.

‘The law lays down a threefold repetition,’ said Nasrudin,

‘and for all I know I may be breaking it if I say the same thing a fourth time. But I’ll tell you something else: I am the owner of a diamond ring all right.’


In the story, Nasruddin finds the ring in the street.  Effortlessly.  Similarly, we just happen to find things.  We may believe that it is our hard work that is paying us.  But in reality, we are just finding things like this ring on the street.  Our belief that it is our hard work that is fetching us things is because of our ego.  Remember, it is not that we should not be working hard or not working.  Walking on the street is also some sort of work.  But if you observe closely you would see that most important things of your life, the valuable things you are finding as if suddenly you find things while walking on the street.  Obviously, you would believe that it is your hard work, planning, help from others which is fetching you laurels.  But no, that is your ego which makes you see like that.  Really, you are just getting things.  So let yourself, your ego not hold on to those things.  That's what Mulla Nasruddin wants to say here.  Tough thing to explain.  Because we do not see things as he wants to explain.  And that is why the need for such stories. 

“Nasrudin,” a friend said one day, “I’m moving to another village. Can I have your ring? That way, I will remember you every time I look at it?”

“Well,” replied Nasrudin, “you might lose the ring and then forget about me. How about I don’t give you a ring in the first place—that way, every time that you look at your finger and don’t see a ring, you’ll definitely remember me.”

Everyone seems to be after your ring.  People remember you only because you have the ring and they do not have it.  Absence of ring with them makes them think of you, love you.  Do not mistake it as real love or even love for you.  This is unreal love for that ring.  Unreal, because even after getting that ring there would not be complete satisfaction.

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