The Real Man

Mulla Nasruddin heard that a party was being held in the nearby town.  Everyone was invited.  So he reaches there before time in expectation of good food.  But looking at his clothes he was given very irrelevant place.  The better tables were reserved for special guests and these guest were being awaited.  Nasruddin realized that still it will take lot of time for food to come. So he went to his home and came back in the best possible clothes.  Now the reception was totally different. He was given the best of the seats.  The host himself came out to receive him and gave him a place near the seat of the prince himself.  When the food came, Nasruddin started rubbing some of the food on the clothes.  The prince could not control himself.
He asked "I am not able to understand your customs, your eminence." 
Nasruddin said "Nothing.  These clothes got me here to this food.  Surely then they deserve a portion of it too."


The real man is lost in the society.  The essence is lost in the customs of the society.

All cultures teach oneness but we have been creating privileged sections.  All religions take birth with the aim of getting rid of artificial hierarchies, but in the end succumb to that in order to survive and spread.

The prince says to Nasruddin that he is not able to understand these custom of yours.  If a poor man does like this then he would be considered mad.  But the same thing done by a man wearing rich clothes is termed as customs.  How artificial we are!

The society gives precedence to artificial hierarchies - to showmanship.  In that we become habituated to derive pleasure from wealth, property, clothes.  Only a real master - a Mulla Nasruddin -  can bring one out of this.

The dervish Nasruddin entered a formal reception area and seated himself

at the foremost elegant chair. The Chief of the Guard approached and said: "Sir, those places are reserved for guests of honor."

"Oh, I am more than a mere guest," replied Nasruddin confidently.

"Oh, so are you a diplomat?"

"Far more than that!"

"Really? So you are a minister, perhaps?"

"No, bigger than that too."

"Oho! So you must be the King himself, sir," said the Chief sarcastically.

"Higher than that!"

"What?! Are you higher than the King?! Nobody is higher than the King in this village!"

"Now you have it. I am nobody!" said Nasruddin.

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