Worth of Silence

One day the Mulla was in the market and saw birds for sale at five hundred reals each.

‘My bird which is larger than any of these, is worth far more.’ he thought.  The next day he took his pet hen to market. Nobody would offer him more than fifty reals for it.

The Mulla shouted, ‘O people! This is a disgrace! Yesterday you were selling birds only half this size at ten times the price.’

Someone interrupted him, ‘Nasruddin, those were parrots, they talk. They are worth more because they talk.’

‘Fool!’ said Nasrudin; ‘those birds you value only because they can talk. You reject this one, which has wonderful thoughts and yet does not annoy people with chatter.’


This is our normal world.  Such people get together and form market place.  In such market place the real Truth has no value.  The real Truth is meaningless, valueless.

Schopenhauer has said, “The person who writes for fools is always sure of a large audience.”

People have chatter inside their heads.  Thus they want chatter outside also.  The chatter inside the head is not new all the time.  It just keeps on repeating inside the head.  Most of your thoughts are repetitive.  To think new is creativity, which most people lacks.

The real gives silence by their mere presence.  But who wants such silence?  You are frightened of such silence.  You would rather here lectures about silence, but not be in that state for more than few seconds.

The real saints are mostly valued after their death.  Can the real wise men we valued in real time, that is in the current times in which they are living?  That will show the maturity of yourself and of the society in which we are living.

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