Unanswered Questions

The King had sent a ‘cultural delegation’ through the villages to reassure people as there was a great deal of restlessness in the country. Their job was to impress people with their immense collection of knowledge and expertise.  One of them was a literary expert, another a priest, third one a high ranking warrior, still another a lawyer and many other including a member of royal family.  They would call upon a meeting in the open space near important villages which they selected for stopping.  People would assemble and ask them questions. 

Now when they arrived at Nasruddin's village there was already a large gathering to welcome them with the village head taking the lead.  Everyone was impressed to varied extent by the answers the delegation dished out for the questions they were asked.  Nasruddin was late at the party, but was pushed forward as he was a sort of hero, though a little whimsical.  Unknown of the things going on he asked, "What is going on here?" 

The head of the delegation said with a compassionate smile, "We are the best of experts in every field.  We are here to answer questions that people cannot find answers for themselves.  We are here to remove confusions of people.  And may I, gentleman, know who you are?"

"Ah, me?", Nasruddin answered dismissively, "well, you should have me as the head of your delegation."  Climbing the platform he proceeded, "here on this platform I truly belong.  Now you start putting those questions that puzzles you and I will be answering them.  O learned experts, let's start with some of the things the baffles you all?" 


In spirituality to know is not to know.  And to know everything is not to know anything.  Your ignorance is proportionate to your knowledge then!!

Scholars try to know everything about the real, they try to understand the reality rather than living the reality.  The reality cannot be known, cannot be understood.  It can be just lived.  And in living only one understands it ultimately.

The sage who has lived the reality and thus knows everything, know that the real knowledge cannot be expressed.  So the real knowledge cannot become an answer in words.  There can be spiritual questions, but there cannot be spiritual answers.  The questions have to merge into a realm, into a state of being which is unknown and yet known.  This state is beyond the known and unknown.  Then how it can become known and become part of answers. 

The all knowing experts do not know one thing.  They do not know as to what they do not know.

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