Fight to Flight

It is dead of night, Nasruddin is in complete peace when suddenly he hears two men quarrelling outside.  Nasruddin get up, wrapping around the blanket around himself - this is the only blanket he has.  He runs out to try to stop the quarrel.  Both of these men are drunk.  When Nasruddin tries to explain them about sanity, one of them snatched away his blanked and then both ran away!

"What were they fight for?" his wife asked as soon as he went in. 
"Looks like it was for my blanket.  When they got that, the fight was over and the flight happened.  It was fight to flight"


It's dead night.  Everything is so quiet.  Just you are there.  Suddenly a thought comes.  Thereafter another one comes.  These two thoughts are the pairs of opposites.  They are always quarrelling, always trying to balance, always trying to find that comfort. 

Now it's just you and your thoughts.  These thoughts are  just there trying to get some comfort, some blanket out of you.  They create a lot of noise, so much so that you cannot stop.  You try to pacify them and that's where you do the mistake.  To go about trying to pacify the thoughts is not to understand that they are coming to get hold of some happiness.

At this moment you are habituated to go towards the drunken thoughts.  They have always kept on robbing you.  This has now become a natural state to experience little happiness only when you have given away everything to the thoughts.

Never try to entertain these thoughts.  Never try to even pacify them.  Never try to understand them much.  

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