Let the pot die

Needing a pot for some work, Nasruddin borrows it from a neighbor.  While returning he puts a small pot inside the borrowed pot.  When the neighbor sees that he is puzzled and asks Nasruddin as to why this small pot.  

Nasruddin replies, "Rejoice, when your pot was at my place it gave birth to this small cutie."  The neighbor is simply pleased to accept all such trash of explanation and thanks Nasruddin for taking care of the mother and the baby during those delicate times.

Few weeks later Nasruddin again comes back to that same neighbor and asks to borrow the same pot.  The neighbor considering that my pot may again become pregnant and beget a baby is just too happy to lend it.  After several days passed, nothing came back from Nasruddin.  Finally after waiting for long he knocks at Nasruddin's door and asks for the pot to be returned.

"Come on, Nasruddin, don't joke. How can a pot die."

"If it can give birth, then it can surely die too.  No problem when it gave birth then why this fuss now?"


A dejected Nasruddin replied, "Sorry dear, it's been very long since I borrowed your pot.  I did not knew how to pass you this message.  The reason I cannot return your pot is that it is dead!"

Yes the pots are mortals.  They need to die.  If you rejoice it's birth, you will have to grieve it's death. 

The pots are the body identifications.  The space inside the pot is the same as outside.  There has never been any division of the space.  All such differentiations are the results of divisiveness.  This has been brought about by your own mental constructs.  When you take these pots seriously, they become our ignorance, and we start multiplying this ignorance.  Then you beget children and start identifying with them. 

Just break out of your pots, your house.  There is nothing to grieve when this pot - this body identification drops.  Nasruddin is calling you, yelling at you, teasing you that you have had enough to rejoicing in procreating the ignorance.  Now let that pot break.  The real you, the space will remain the same when identifications drop.

Send your pot to that Master - Mulla Nasruddin.  At least he knows to break things!

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