Wise Choice

Nasruddin was not sure which of the two women he would marry.  One day they both cornered him and asked which one he loved the most. 

"You should put the question in practical context so that I can answer it." said Nasruddin.

"If we both fell into the river which one would you save?" asked the lean and prettier one.

Nasruddin turned to the other woman, who was a large but a moneyed one:

"Can you swim, my dear?"


Choosing a lean and pretty wife is like choosing a spiritual life.  It is obviously a beautiful option.  It is also a lean option.  It is because it is lean, it gets its beauty.  Remember, it is a lean option, but not a bare bone option.  So this spiritual life has some material facilities and is not having the extravaganza of that other fat option.

 The fatty option is really ugly.  But this is materially wealthy.  Everybody knows it is ugly compared to spiritual life.  However, the power of wealth attracts everyone more than the real beauty of life.  Wealth is meant for life.  But the pursuit of wealth eventually becomes an overriding option over life itself.

Nasruddin was not sure which of the two women he would marry.

How much attention one should divide between the spiritual and material life?  Many are unsure about this.

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