The moving friend

“Nasruddin,” a friend said one day, “I’m moving to another village. Can I have your ring? That way, I will remember you every time I look at it?”

“Well,” replied Nasruddin, “you might lose the ring and then forget about me. How about I don’t give you a ring in the first place—that way, every time that you look at your finger and don’t see a ring, you’ll definitely remember me.”


Do not use any support to remember THAT.  Whenever you see other people using such support you should remember to again stabilize in THAT without any support.  And when you can remain in THAT then there is no need for further reminders by the presence or absence of any support.  The real issue is that you are not able to remember.  And if you use supports, then those supports would become primary and you would not know of a way to remain in THAT without the support.  Only ignorant people will use supports.  Those who are wise would not be bothered by such supports.