What is useful

Nasruddin sometimes took people for trips in his boat. One day a fussy pedagogue hired him to ferry him across a very wide river. As soon as they were afloat the scholar asked whether it was going to be rough. ‘Don’t ask me nothing about it,’ said Nasruddin. ‘Have you never studied grammar?’ ‘No,’ said the Mulla. ‘In that case, half your life has been wasted.’ The Mulla said nothing. Soon a terrible storm blew up. The Mulla’s crazy cockleshell was filling with water. He leaned over towards his companion. ‘Have you ever learnt to swim?’ ‘No,’ said the pedant. ‘In that case, schoolmaster, ALL your life is lost, for we are sinking.’ 


Your boat is sinking.  You do not even know that.  In your vanity you are gathering knowledge and wealth from different fields.  The more you gather the more you would be burdened, the more you will drown sooner.  The real energy is the spiritual energy - which drives your life.  When that spiritual energy is in jeopardy then you boat is drowning.  Drowning in the sea of thoughts.  So take a back seat for a while, relax, meditate.  Let the boat stabilize.  Then you may gather whatever else is necessary and interesting to you.  The other things are secondary, the primary is your boat without which there is no life.  In trying to make life beautiful, do not be foolish to lose life itself.