Eating or preaching

The local religious leader invited Nasruddin over for dinner one night.

Nasruddin, not having eaten much that day, was famished when he got there, and eger to eat as soon as possible.

After two hours, however, the religious leader had yet to offer Nasruddin any food, and instead spoke nonstop about a variety of religious topics.

As Nasruddin grew more annoyed with each passing minute, he finally interrupted the man and said, “May I ask you something?”

“What?” the religious leader answered, eager to hear some religious question that would prompt him to continue talking.

“I was just wondering,” Nasruddin said, “did any of the people in your stories ever eat?”


First when person is satisfied with some materialist needs, then only one will have questions and interests for higher level things. 

The real story cannot begin without eating first.  Eat first, but do not eat that much, do not just keep on stuffing yourself that much that listening to even a story becomes difficult.