Quarrel with wife

"We've been married for a year and we never quarrel," explained Mulla Nasruddin.
"If a difference of opinion arises and my wife is right, I give in right away."
His astonished friend asked, "And what if you are right, Mulla?"
"Well," said Nasruddin, "Thankfully, that situation has never come up."


The degree of disagreement amongst debaters can be seen from the vehemence of their arguments. Their stance is not pro-Truth, but their stance is anti-opponent. They would keep on negating and thereby balancing each other. The listener would be swinging from one end of pendulum to another. But the listener would never take a higher flight as both debaters themselves are not just grounded, they are stuck in their grounds. When you are not going to come closer to each other, in fact, are going to move further away from one another then why debate, that too in matters of Truth that is beyond debates?