Insured married

"Now that you are married, Mulla, I suppose you will take out an insurance policy?" Mulla Nasruddin's friend told him at work. "Oh, no," answered Nasruddin. "I don't think she's going to be so dangerous."


When you are getting married to life, do not be so security conscious. Do not worry so much about future problems. In doing so you would be inventing the problems at this moment. Life is not dangerous, after all. Life is to be lived, not to be feared. When a person starts to think about security then he gets involved in such a whirlpool that no amount of insurance policies thereafter gives any surety because the surety does not come out of such policies. The surety, the certainty about well being in the future also comes from the state of being in the present moment.
As soon as you get married to meditation, the satanic, security conscious intellect will start to raise doubts about the future viability of such state. Meditative state looks so passive to such an intellect. In reality in such passive state is the death of that security conscious intellect and at the same time the birth of a lively creative intellect. So pass through such objections of your intellect to come to a new born intellect.