Loan Request

Nasruddin struck up a conversation with a stranger.
At one point, he asked, “So how’s business?”
“Great,” the other replied.
“Then can I borrow ten dollars?”
“No. I don’t know you well enough to lend you money,”.
“That’s strange,” replied Nasruddin. “Where I used to live, people wouldn’t lend me money because they knew me; and now that I’ve moved here, people won’t lend me money because they don’t know me!“


Do not worry about people's opinions. When they do not know you, they still know you as someone who cannot be relied on. When they know you, it is still the same. Whatever little they know about you is also not knowing you. People cannot just know you. This not knowing leads to suspicions. This cannot be avoided because worldly people cannot have real faith on anyone.
Not just other people, you yourself cannot know yourself fully. To know yourself is not to know yourself! And still the whole education, the whole life is for knowing yourself! Your real Self is such that it is beyond all conceptions. So do not mind people not lending you enough faith. That is natural. Have enough faith on yourself. Lend enough faith to yourself because no one else can do that. Have faith that you are beyond all the opinions and judgments about yourself. Then you may come across your real nature which just cannot be expressed as something known. Your real nature is neither known, nor unknown - it is always beyond known and unknown. You need leaps of faith to dwell in such region.