Party is ON

"Darling," she whispered to Mulla Nasrudin after the last guest had left the wedding reception, "for the rest of your life you will have to put up with my ugly face."
"Never mind," said Nasrudin. "I will be out at work all day."


Life is not so bad if you can see beyond the fairy dreams that sometimes young people get involved into. Ugly faces and all day work is what we have started considering as normal. Life is much more than that and much more beautiful. You do not need to accept this ugliness as your destiny. We are here to have fun, but that fun is not what youngsters would consider as fun. That fun is not whole day parties and wasting time with friends. You do not need to arrange the parties, the party is already ON. Look around quietly sometime and you will start feeling it. That's the only way out of this otherwise so dull and ugly life.