Your Worth

‘Tell me the truth,’ said Tamerlane to Nasruddin, as they
sat in the steam-room of a Turkish bath.
‘I always do, Majesty,’ said the Mulla.
‘What am I worth?’
‘Five gold pieces.’
The King looked annoyed. ‘This belt which secures my
bathing-trunks is worth just that.’
‘You are without value,’ said the Mulla, ‘and when you talk
about ‘worth’ I am forced to answer in terms of the question.
If you are talking about money, I give you the exterior value —
that of the belt. If you are talking about inner worth, it cannot
be answered in words.’


You are worthless in either case. From the standpoint of Self, you are beyond worth and hence worthless. From any other lower standpoint, you are worthless. You are not owning the objects, the objects are holding you. They are more valuable then you and you are responsible for making it more valuable than you and for making yourself worthless.