Your cat is dead

Nasruddin had a cousin who went to live far away, and left some of his possessions with Nasruddin.
One day, the cousin’s cat died, and Nasruddin sent him a message that bluntly said: “Your cat is dead.”
The cousin, very upset, sent a message back that said, “Where I live, we give people bad news more tactfully. Instead of just telling me flat out that my cat was dead, you should have let me know me little by little. You should have started off by saying, first told me, ‘Your cat is acting strange,’ then later said, ‘your cat is jumping all over the place,’ then still later told me, ‘Your cat is missing,’ and then finally broken the news and said, ‘Your cat is dead.’
A month later, Nasruddin’s cousin received a new letter from Nasruddin, which said: “Your mother is acting strange."


You are acting strange, because your life is dead.
Reality is simple and can be expressed simply without the accompanying emotions. To go tactfully in matters of simplicity are the ways of weak, worldly people. When one attempts to express Truth to such weak people through indirect means then naturally at that time petty levels of religion with all the rituals take shape.