Will of Nasruddin

‘The law prescribes that my dependents must receive certain fixed proportions of my possessions and money.
‘I have nothing: let this be divided in accordance with the arithmetical formulae of the law.
‘That which is left over is to be given to the poor.’


Anything divided by zero is left undefined. You are nobody, nothing, undefined. When you go for taking your share from nothing you would be left with nothing. That's your real nature. All the worldly arithmetical formulaes will fail in understanding nothing. Whatever else you are left with needs to be given up amongst the poor, the needy ones. They are poor because they do not know they are nothing, and so let your rest of energy be left for letting people know that they too are nothing.
Nasruddin had nothing because he himself was nothing. The descendents of nothing would be blessed if they find out that they are descendents of nothing and hence cannot be anything.
Are you one of those real descendents of Nasruddin?