Nasruddin dies

Nasruddin was very old and lying on his bed, about to die at any moment.
He said to his wife, “Why are you dressed in black and looking so sorrowful? Go put on your finest clothes, fix up your hair, and smile!“
“Nasruddin,” she tearfully responded, “how can you ask me to do such a thing? You are ill, and I am dressed like this out of respect for you.”
“Yes,” Nasruddin said, “and that’s why I made my request. The Angel of Death will be here soon, and if he sees you all dressed up and beautiful, maybe he’ll leave me and take you instead.”
And after giving a little laugh, Nasruddin died.


He laughed throughout his life. He laughed at us to bring us out of our cries. He laughed throughout life because that's the only Reality. So it is natural that he passes away laughing, making death a celebration, just as life is.
For a saint there is no death, no going away. By putting a frowning face do not think you are giving respect to life,in fact, you are actually abusing life.