Find a Master

Nasruddin was sent by the King to investigate the lore of various kinds of Eastern mystical teachers. They all recounted to him tales of the miracles and the sayings of the founders and great teachers, all long dead, of their schools. When he returned home, he submitted his report, which contained the single word ‘Carrots’. He was called upon to explain himself. Nasruddin told the King: ‘The best part is buried; few know – except the farmer – by the green that there is orange underground; if you don’t work for it, it will deteriorate; there are a great many donkeys associated with it.’


There a lot of charlatans. Only the real farmer - a person who tills the fertile land, who deals with the real spiritual aspirants, can know and can separate from real internal from the external observances. Donkeys play with the externals, their heart keep on deteriorating.