All you need

‘I’ll have you hanged,’ said a cruel and ignorant king, who had heard of Nasruddin’s powers, ‘if you don’t prove that you are a mystic.’
‘I see strange things,’ said Nasruddin at once; ‘a golden bird in the sky, demons under the earth.’
‘How can you see through solid objects? How can you see far into the sky?’
‘Fear is all you need.’ smiled Nasruddin.


The king is really ignorant because he believes someone is mystic only if one can show strange things. Nasruddin is able to joke even when he is threatened with hanging. That shows his fearlessness, that is his real power. The king asked him to prove and he really proved that he has those powers, the foremost amongst those power being fearlessness and by being fearless in front of king he showed real mysticism. He also proved that those who claim other mystic powers are internally driven by fear. They are fearful of a normal life without any stardom.