King visits

His Imperial Majesty the Shahinshah arrived unexpectedly at the teahouse where Nasruddin had been left in charge. The Emperor called for an omelette.
‘We shall now continue with the hunt,’ he told the Mulla. ‘So tell me what I owe you.’
‘For you and your five companions, Sire, the omelettes will be a thousand gold pieces.’
The Emperor raised his eyebrows. ‘Eggs must be very costly here. Are they as scarce as that?’
‘It is not the eggs which are scarce here, Majesty – it is the visits of kings.’


Nasruddin does not want money, he wants more visits from the king. It is always a fervent appeal of a devotee to that Supreme King, that O Lord, come more often in my petty life and save me from the morass of attraction of few pieces of petty coins.